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MPS® system 203 I4.0 - Fundamentals of the new technologies of Industry 4.0 right up to autonomous systems

The MPS® 203 I4.0 system is a small production line from the slightly adapted standard stations Distributing/Conveyor, Joining and Sorting. The entire system of Industry 4.0 is networked and equipped with several RFID write/read heads.

The system produces orders which are generated in the MES system.

In the first station, a workpiece is separated and then written using an RFID sensor.

The subsequent Joining station reads this RFID tag, decides what is to happen with this workpiece based on the order and writes a result back.

In the Sorting station, the workpieces are distributed to three slides depending on the information saved on them.

Training content:

• Structure of a PLC program
• Programming alternative branches
• Programming an operating mode section and signals
• Set-up and optimization of material flow
• Optimization of setup times
• Linking of stations
• Material flow control
• Enhanced I/O communication
• Commissioning of complex systems
• Teamwork and coordination
• RFID technology
• Modularity
• Network technology
• Condition monitoring:
• Big data
• Preventive maintenance
• Simple energy measurement, light
• Web services:
• Mobile devices
• Push email
• MES light:
• Order entry
• System configuration
• Local control, workpiece and data storage medium
• Optional: Extensions with HMI, Vision

Exhibitor: Festo India Private Limited

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